CAPTAIN JAKE* is gigantic.  She is an ore carrier that is lying low in the water today, showing the weight of her load. At the helm of the CAPTAIN JAKE, is captain Stavos. Greek, well-groomed and neat. He is in uniform. Nothing is out of place. The same applies to his cabin from where Danie has a view of the deck. 

Clinging for dear life. That was the only defence at that stage. It was the only thing to do against the angry storm that battered the enormous, yet very small ship. With ropes secured on the quay, the enormous vessel inspires trust as if it is unbreakable, but in that storm along the African west coast, the ship is mere driftwood, flung around by the power of the unstoppable ocean.

"Who would have thought that, centuries ago - as the prophets say - a Child would be born in a crib in a manger? Who could have thought that this Child - the Son of Maria and Joseph - would take the sins of this world on His shoulders?

He is not really someone on the ship. He is just on the lowest step of the career ladder and ranking. His story remains remarkable in spite of that. He came a long way.

From the first moment he starts telling the story. It is like a ripe pomegranate that burst open to expose the story from within. It seems as if he had to wait for Nico’s arrival to break open the story.