The cell phone in your hand-how did it get here? Please listen to a seafarer's story and make a difference. It will take 2 minutes of your time but it will mean an eternity to a seafarer.

Desperate – the hopeless morale on of all on board in nine letters. It is late June and Loffie is on board a coal carrier in Richards Bay. Even though the skies above the city are a deep, fresh winter blue, the storm clouds hang grey and threateningly over the bow of the carrier. 

A message from CSO missionary worker Danie Taljard.

A message from CSO missionary worker Loffie Schoeman.

The chaos seems really angry. As the daybreaks dragged their feet over the past few months, during our caged-in existences, it seemed as if all dark powers converged to make us the victims of fear and insecurity.