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The CSO aims to bring the Good News of God's Love to each person involved in a maritime life.

We have evangelists in each of the large harbours in South Africa. They visit the seafaring men on the vessels daily to care for their spiritual needs. Fellow-believers of almost every language and cultural group are our faithful, loyal supporters, donors and co-workers. The CSO has international ties with other organisations and is a member of the International Christian Maritime Association - an umbrella organisation for harbour evangelisation organisations.

In a time of lockdown

Visit the official COVID-19 government website to stay informed: sacoronavirus.co.za

Rina Hugo Online Concert

Many of you know that Rina Hugo and her husband, Johan van Rensburg, have been working in support...

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A seafarer’s story

The cell phone in your hand-how did it get here? Please listen to a seafarer's story and make a...

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Desperate – the hopeless morale on of all on board in nine letters. It is late June and Loffie is...

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Latest News

God gives

All over the world our seafarers are worried. They see on the news how the Covid19 pandemic is...

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The CSO exists because we are prepared and have the desire to proclaim the gospel of peace among...

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If you look at a ship in the harbour through the window of a jail, it would probably look like...

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