We frequently believe that God cannot use us. There is something that makes us not good enough for God. Too sinful, too short, too thin, too long - anything we keep out of God's eye. We will probably very rarely think of ourselves as a witness of faith.

Esther was an orphan. She was also a Jew. Actually, everything counted against her in life. No parents, no social status, poor. She was a "nothing". There was no way she would get anywhere in life. At that time of the history, that was how it worked.

Esther's story is one of suffering, betrayal, conflict, desperation, disaster, miraculous salvation and most importantly - the hand of God in the story. Mordecai states that Esther becomes the queen, purely for God's purpose. She is ultimately the one who saves the people. In Esther 7: 3 she speaks on behalf of the people to ensure that the people are saved. See how God worked with the story: this unimportant girl who had everything against her -  God uses her in His providence to make the difference. God foresaw that the possible extermination of the people would end in  a victory.

And you? Do you also think you are not good enough for God and His work? That you yourself are not a witness of faith or can never be? Take another look at the story of Esther. She was not worthy to serve the Lord, but the Lord used her. She did make a big difference as queen. You are also a witness of faith for CSO.  Your part in the work of the CSO makes you a witness of faith, a FAITH HERO! Then no matter how big or small your share is, it is God who works with it.

We know you are a regular donor. Thank you for that. But if you are not a monthly faith hero, please consider it! It will help us immensely.

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