When you get the news, you want to believe that the ship is considered a medical unit, involving care for the ill. But rather, it is a floating iron giant that lies banned and unwanted at anchor.  Everyone passes it with care, because the plague is contagious. The grim reaper seems to be on board. The sixteen men from the Philippines seems to have brought the deadly variant from India.  

Now only fifteen remain. Grim reaper. 

Where can you escape to? How do you protect yourself against the invisible and unwelcome intruder? What can you do if the intruder is trapped with you on a ship between India and Durban, with only water and more water in view? One by one you see the symptoms in those around you. It starts with a dry cough. It implies, smilingly, that it is going to get you too. Then fever develops. After that, breathing is difficult. Next, a group of medical workers, clothed in protective war gear against the virus, arrives to take one of your fellow crew members to a hospital somewhere in Durban. Then, you start to cough and you cannot breathe. You wonder whether you are being smothered or being drowned. The next sudden thought is the deep realisation that this life is indeed but a breath of life. 

Our Evangelists may not visit the ship, but they work, untiringly for each on the vessel. They try their best to provide for the basic needs of every man on board. All purchases from shops are hoisted, like in the past, using a long rope to hoist the goods to the deck. The purchases include the basics, but also something special, to let them know they matter. Mobile Wi-Fi is provided for the ship, at the very least, to allow them to contact their families. In some cases, we call the families when the men request us to do so, providing comfort and trying to provide reassurance. 

All our encouragement from shore must take place per internet connections. The conversations reveal real fear and anxiety. The feelings are as clear as day. Our message remains: You are important. The Son of God loved you so much, that He gave His life to save you. 

Now, in our chaotic world, the work of the CSO is more important than ever. Do you not want to consider, urgently and in prayer, to support our work among those that are so often forgotten and cast away? It spreads the Word and makes a clear, real difference. 

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