‘Victor’, he introduces himself. He is the first officer on board the EUROPEAN EAGLE. Just from the way he greets, Nico knows that this man is full. He no longer lives, but Christ lives in him. 

As Nico says, sometimes it is only necessary to be quiet and listen. Victor explains his life – he is married and his wife is wonderful. They have two children. His wife recently resigned from her job to look after the children full-time.  As a young man he grew up in a house where the family lived with passion and strived for one thing: “My house and I, we shall serve the Lord”.   

Nico described this meeting as one of the rare events when you meet someone and the meeting will remain etched in your mind forever. Everything in Victor’s demeanour, his words and how he explains his life, tell of God’s mercy. They tell about a rich fullness that one does not often see in people, especially not on board a ship. 

Just before Victor’s radio crackles a message calling him to duty, he asks Nico to pray with him, to pray for “more about You and less of me”.

Nico went to give, to help empty and to help to renew, but it was his turn to receive. It was his turn to be inspired by a young seaman. It was his turn to use the prayer of the young man to also pray for himself, “more about You and less of me”.