In  Hebrews  11:1  we  read  the  well-known  sentence  about  faith:  ... being  sure  of  what  we  hope  for  and  certain  of  what  we  do  not  see.  Actually  it  is  a  strange  sentence,  because  'hope'  and  being  'certain'  are  both  things  we  cannot  touch  or  see.  It  means  that  sometimes  we  do  not  see  that  our  work  carries  the  fruit  of  faith,  but  we  know that  you   see   it   less   often   than   we   do.   Yet,   we   are   certain   of  the  things  we  do  not  see!

We  sing  that  we  SEE  a  new  heaven  coming,   based on Revelations 21.

You  and  we  believe  in  what  we  see.  Together  we are convinced that heaven should be a reality for each on earth. That is why we receive the seafarers as the foreigner migrants  of  the  sea.  The  love  of  Jesus  Christ  that  teaches us  to  reach  out  to  them,  is  mostly strange news to them.

All  strangers  together,  but  in  Jesus, at last all one! That is what we hope and believe. That is our conviction, even though all do not always see the results.

For that we thank the Lord from our hearts.

During the year under review, the Lord gave us the opportunity to speak to more than 8 000 seafarers and talk to them about Jesus Christ.  During  this  period  we  issued  no  less  than  15  000  pieces  of  literature,  such  as  Bibles,  New  Testaments  and  CDs  to  the  men  that  work  at  sea.  We  also  visited  many  congregations  and  attended sermons to introduce others to the wonderful world of the CSO and to tell them about our work among seafarers.

Through  His  mercy,  God  also  foresaw the possibility of appointing  a  new  Evangelist  in   the   Cape   Town   harbour   as  well  as  Saldanha  harbour.    Our  hearts  rejoice  about  this  opportunity!

When   we   think   about   this,   we  immediately  think  about  all  the  loyal  supporters.  You  are part of the eyes that help the  men  see  heaven  –  here  and  now.  Your  prayers  and  your   testimony   about   our  work make our work so much easier.

Please  rejoin  His  team  where  you have felt so at home for such a long time. Let us pray, hope and be certain of what we do. Let us be convinced together, even of that which we cannot see.