All over the world our seafarers are worried. They see on the news how the Covid19 pandemic is spreading and the rising statistics affects their respective countries.

It is in times like these that they need the comforting Word of God in dire circumstances. 

Danie in Port Elizabeth experienced the following: I stand next to a container ship but I cannot go on board. High up on deck seafarers from the Ukraine are looking down at me but we cannot greet and have a conversation. Not even hand signals can convey the message that I have precious Bibles to bring to them. In faith, I trusted God for a solution.

An agent who had permission to go on board passed by and I asked him to take a bag with Bibles to the seafarers. Would they receive it? Would each Bible find a destination? Well, it was now in the hands of God.  As I walked to my car I glanced back at the huge ship. With gratitude and joy I saw some Ukrainian seafarers with Bibles. They were standing on deck and paging through their new Bibles. God provides, yes also using our donors. He then sees that each Bible reaches the correct destination. Let’s trust God to keep providing and sending in these times.