"Who would have thought that, centuries ago - as the prophets say - a Child would be born in a crib in a manger? Who could have thought that this Child - the Son of Maria and Joseph - would take the sins of this world on His shoulders?

Who would have thought that this laughing, playing, singing Child would bring all His neighbourhood friends and us the Light? And, who would have thought that this Child would hang on a Cross to redeem the pain and suffering in this world as our Saviour - and be resurrected from death?"

Who would have thought that in this century of chaos and war and pain - the Bethlehem Star will still shine so brightly? Who would have thought that seamen, now from Syria, Poland or Japan, will still find peace amid the hay of that manger in Bethlehem? And, who could have guessed that in the Port Elizabeth harbour where Fernando tells about his pain in agony, will find healing from all from that Child. What about the harbour docks in Durban? Who would have thought that Abel, from West Africa, who lost all hope, will still find Salvation by that Child? On a quay in Richards Bay Roger met his Saviour that had been born in a stable. Who could have guessed that this Child would also bring peace to the man from the Philippines? And, in Cape Town the Light of that Child shines even on the Duncan quay, where William from England desperately fights the angry dark. 

And, who would have thought that your donation, small or big, will take that Child to the darkest corners of a ship to rescue those in need of Light, from afar and from all nations, no matter where.

To think it happens only because we believe - and we certainly do - that this Child is the Saviour. Thank you to our donors, using their donations to take the Child to so many hungry hearts. Our prayer is that you will also, once again, experience the Child in all His glory during this very special time.