Insecurity is like a predator. It hides out of sight and stealthily creeps up to you to attack in a flash, leaving your body in a state of insecure high tension. Its deadly claws represents the ‘insecurity’ that is omnipotent, hanging around to absorb its prey. It removes the secure ground under your feet and makes you believe that anything, from any direction could go wrong at any moment... 

The predator plays like a minor refrain throughout the story told by the third officer from the Ukraine. That which is stacked up at his door is more than most would have to handle in a lifetime. Every detour he tries to escape ends up in impossible insecurity.  

If he were to take a flight home from here, in Durban, he would have to take up arms like others. When someone shoves a Kalashnikov in your hand without uttering a word, the caption is very clear: Use this to kill! It is not meant for ‘cops and robbers’ games. It is to eradicate. 

His family escaped into Europe. It is not sure where their home is now.

As always, when the cards are stacked against you, some of his fellow crew members are from Russia. The relationship between them is still good, but the situation is impossibly difficult. Rationally they have nothing to do with events unfolding in the Ukraine, but emotionally you want to name a scape goat. 

Chris can only listen - that is why he visits the ship. As often, the silent listening is incredibly valuable. When talking about possible solutions, the seaman utters a sombre conclusion, ‘Only death’ - his desperate conclusion about what it would take to stop Putin. 

Finally, after listening patiently, Chris could only whisper, with empathy and assurance, that he would continue to pray. He can also explain about the Man on the Cross - a Man full of empathy and care. It is this Man that stops at the lame man, the man that all others pass by. It is this Man that heals the daughter of Jairus.  Yes, it is an impossible situation, but your and my God is the God of the impossible.   

Financial donations help the CSO to remind men working at sea every day of the one Surety in the midst of the insecure. As a result of this work some discover a Helper and Saviour, while others experience love and hope. Please think about supporting us with a donation. You can do so in prayer and deed. God uses the CSO daily to serve the men and women working at sea, by sharing the Gospel. For this we also need your assistance.