God hears you. It is such a wonderful, positive statement. God listens and hears. From experience, you also know that it is not always that easy or how it works exactly.

You should take the time today to read Genesis 21. It is the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. Hagar bears Abraham’s son. Jealousy overcomes Sarah and she convinces Abraham to send Hagar and Ismael away. The two leave and start the journey through the desert. Conditions are so terrible that Hagar puts her son down under a bush, expecting him to die. 

We then read: God heard the child. He gave them a way out, a godsend.

In the text and story about the three people, it is very clear. My God hears. God hears Abraham’s deepest wish, a longing for a child of his own. Abraham waited very long for him. God hears the pain of a father’s empty heart. God hears the pain of the child he has to sacrifice. He hears the father screaming against the heavens. My precious child!

God hears Sarah’s wish too. He knows about her barren womb. 

God also hears Hagar’s pain as she is chased into the desert, having to flee from her owner. He hears her fear as she places her first born child under a bush to let him die of hunger and thirst. 

God hears you. There is no trauma and despair that passes Him by. He hears your pain, worries, hurt and longing today. God hears and listens through all the turns and tribulations of life. Even through all your own made plans...

This is what the seafarers, must hear from the CSO and you.  This is what you must hear:  God hears you. 

Listen to this beautiful song by Rina Hugo (shared with permission)
Album: Die Nuwe Jerusalem.