Give a seafarer a Bible in his own language and you give him a Life in Christ

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The CSO aims to bring the Good News of God's Love to each person involved in a maritime life.

We have evangelists in each of the large harbours in South Africa. They visit the seafaring men on the vessels daily to care for their spiritual needs. Fellow-believers of almost every language and cultural group are our faithful, loyal supporters, donors and co-workers. The CSO has international ties with other organisations and is a member of the International Christian Maritime Association - an umbrella organisation for harbour evangelisation organisations.

Dr Wimpie van Schoor

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Blog: from the galley

It is easy to believe that it is relatively simple to work on a ship, but once you start talking to the people of the seas, you soon realise the many unique challenges that have to be overcome every day. It is not easy and it is not simple.A recent study by Swansea University found that men working at sea show the second highest suicide rate of all possible careers. The only career showing a higher rate, is that of...
Imagine the enormity if you were tasked to find a specific dull grey car somewhere on the African continent. Your primary tools to find the car comprise a few aircraft and a small number of vehicles. This is the challenge for anti-piracy powers when they have to find a pirate ship somewhere along the Somali coast or the Arab Gulf – areas the size of the African continent.  A new weapon in the battle against high seas piracy, now improves chances...
At the CSO, our business is men working at sea. It is what we think of when we get up in the morning and go to bed at night. Those are the people that motivate us, each day, to make a difference and do our work. Our work is very simple. We serve the men and women working at sea, by telling them about the Word. We do that by listening, speaking to them or by giving them a Bible,...

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We are writing to you as one who loves God's Word, to ask you to help us in this important task. For it is only with the help of caring people like yourself that we can continue this work. A Bible or New Testament in a foreign language is expensive. Your help will enable us to do this. It's really an investment for the Kingdom of God and for eternity.

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